Are you sick of the pain, frustration, and lack of resources in dealing with your TMJ disorder?

Beyond Hope – Thriving with TMJ Disorder is a 5 week interactive experience that will give you the tools and support you need to start getting your life back. At the end of the experience, you will have a concrete, step-by-step plan for how to optimize your life so that thriving with TMJ disorder is no longer out of reach.

We’ll be covering tools, techniques, and tips like:

  • Which treatments are suited for which patients – and how to tell immediately if a treatment has potential for your pain
  • An obvious give away that you can spot from a mile away that tells you once and for all, if a treatment is a scam
  • The two simple techniques that work for 99% of TMJ disorder patients (and the tools we recommend after trying hundreds of products)
  • How to find a compassionate pain management doctor that won’t tell you yet again, “We don’t treat facial pain patients.”
  • The one food that I *never*, ever want to eat again in my entire life, why you might want to consider eliminating it too…and the exact results I’ve had – so you know what to expect.
  • How to say no to social engagements without ruining your friendships
  • Plans to present to your employer that give you the space and time to focus on feeling great – instead of recovering from being at work on your days off
  • The scary thoughts and emotions that no one EVER talks about when dealing with chronic pain – yep, I’m going there!

Beyond Hope – Thriving with TMJD will be opening for registration this month.

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About Stacy Stone
Stacy is something of a bleeding heart. How else do you explain 10+ years of advocacy work for TMJ patients and chronic pain sufferers? She founded TMJ Hope, which is the leading source of information, empowerment and support in the TMJ world.

Stacy’s journey with TMJ started in 1994 when she was mauled by the neighbor’s dog at the age of 12. She first tried conservative, then increasingly intensive therapies, until in 2006 she had bilateral TMJ total joint replacements and her surgeons told her she was doomed to a life of chronic, intractable pain. Instead of taking her diagnosis lying down, she put a priority on pain management protocols and built a life that emphasizes her strengths.

Stacy is an awesome, successful woman who happens to have TMJ disorder, rather than a TMJ sufferer. Mentally making that distinction has made all the difference for her, and she is excited about teaching you to do the same.

She lives in a historic town outside of Atlanta, GA with her Golden Retriever, Hope and crazy cat, Chairman Meow. She also runs Ethical Launch, which helps life coaches and online entrepreneurs with creating products that change the world.

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