I have years of experience helping patients with their TMJ disorder and chronic pain related issues. Through TMJ Hope, I am able to write blog posts and articles that reach many, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a person to listen to your specific issues and help you come up with a plan.

After successfully navigating the patient world myself (and having many surgeries, including a two phase bilateral TMJ total joint replacement), I understand the frustration, never ending phone calls, denial letters, and insurance companies who have no idea what a “TMJ” is.

I understand what it’s like to feel scared that you won’t be able to afford the treatment that will help you feel better. I understand the anxiety that comes with not knowing if you will be able to pay for the medication you need that will enable you to take care of your family.

Don’t worry! I have been able to save the patients I have worked for HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. I know what needs to be said and done to force the insurance company to take notice of your case and make a decision..sometimes immediately.

Here are some of the things I have done for patients:

  • Helped gather and organize over ten years of medical records and imaging.
  • Assisted in the insurance appeal process for denied TMJ surgeries or other denials of coverage (splints, physical therapy, MRI’s or CT scans).
  • Found free or low-cost medications or other resources.
  • Researched and prepared information on the latest cutting edge treatments available.

If you would like my advocacy help, the best way to start that relationship is through private coaching.

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