Lifetime Medical Organizer – 30 Days of Hope – Week Two

The Lifetime Medical Organizer provides you with the essentials to help you get started with recording your medical information.

It will guide you through the chapters, and help you record things like your emergency telephone numbers, doctor contact information, medication information and schedules, family medical history, notes from appointments, and other important medical documents.

Most TMJ disorder patients have a lot of medical records to keep up with. Keeping everything organized in one place so that you or a loved one can just grab it in case of an emergency could really help make things less stressful if something was to happen to you or your family. Organizing your medical records and keeping them updated can also help empower you to make the right decisions for your health (instead of being overwhelmed!). We encourage everyone to keep a binder of their important information, so the Lifetime Medical Organizer is a perfect solution!

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Candy is the community manager for TMJ Hope. She is the official ‘take care of people’ person, content writer, and Stacy wrangler (the hardest job so far!). As the parent of a child with TMJD, Candy has a unique perspective on the daily struggles of not just TMJD patients, but of their families and caregivers, too.

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