TMJ Mitek Anchor Patients – Please Contact Us

TMJ Mitek Anchor Patients

Do you have a TMJ mitek anchor, or do you know anyone who does?

If so, we need to hear from you. We will also keep you updated on any mitek anchor related news.

Please either email us at or leave a message on our  Contact Page.

Mitek anchors are a type of titanium bone anchor that have been used for patients who have displaced discs. It is important that if you have an implanted device like Mitek, you stay in touch with others.

Again if you or someone you know has a TMJ Mitek Anchor, please contact us!!!

Could you do us a favor and share this on Facebook, Twitter, and/or via email to friends and family? It is crucial that we reach these patients. Thank you so much for your help!

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Stacy is the Founder & Executive Director of TMJ Hope. After being mauled by a dog, she experienced severe jaw pain that was not relieved by conservative treatments. After several surgeries, she had TMJ total joint replacements in 2006.

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