The TMJ Hope Toolbox
Free Resources, Inspiration, Worksheets, and Classes to Help You THRIVE!

Resource #1 - Pain Journal

  • Journaling your pain, how you treat it, what caused it, etc can lead you to discover very important causes and triggers for your pain.
Click here to downloadthe pain journal PDF

Resource #2 - Health Insurance Cheat Sheet

  • If you're sick of your health insurance company saying NO every time you call them, this worksheet is for you.
  • Record every single conversation you have with them on this worksheet. This will help you fight for the care you deserve.
Click here to downloadthe cheat sheet PDF

Resource #3 - The Surgery Sessions Class

  • A free class for patients who are considering TMJ surgery
  • Learn how to quiet the pre-surgery anxiety by creating a customized plan that works for you.

Class in progress!

Check back after October 29th for the class recordings.